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  • The Cure For Cloudy Oil in Hydraulic Elevators
    Posted on May 21 Category: White Papers
    When I ask mechanics what type of oil they are using in their hydraulic elevators, the typical answer is AW32, which is usually correct, but this answer does not necessarily mean what it once did. The additive packages of AW32 have changes to meet specific needs of different machines and industries. An AW32 picked up at an auto parts or farm store may have different additives than the bulk AW32 that the service company purchases for a mod. Zinc, Phosphorus and Calcium were typically the only additives used in hydraulic elevators. A new... Read more »
  • Hydrolysis of Vegetable Oils in Hydraulic Elevators
    Posted on October 26 Category: White Papers
    Hydrolysis of Vegetable Oils in Elevators Michael Johnson www.oilscrubber.com Vegetable Oil in hydraulic elevators has been met with mixed results, from no problems at all to destruction of the oil and system components. The unique environment and design characteristics of the hydraulic elevator are the causes of this variation in performance. Water or moisture is the natural enemy of the vegetable oils or technically Ester oil. [1]Hydrolysis is the reaction of an ester with water producing an alcohol plus and acid. In the case o... Read more »
  • The Necessity for Oil Analysis and Offline Filtration in Hydraulic Elevators
    Posted on June 28 Category: White Papers
    This white paper written by Michael Johnson discusses oil within hydraulic elevators. Follow this link to learn more. Read more »