Particle Counter


The CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM 15 measures wear generation in oil systems. Used for hydraulic, lube and gear oils.


  • Earliest possible warnings of wear generation
  • Condition based maintenance, instead of breakdowns 
  • Increase your ROI and protect the investment 
  • Remote online monitoring

Monitoring on the smallest micron particles using the CJC™ OCM gives the earliest possible warning for breakdowns.

Major damage can be PREDICTED and PREVENTED by stopping and repairing early in the wear process. This obviously will improve PROFIT.


The CJC™ OCM measures according to the ISO: 4406 standard. The monitor is specially designed for high viscous oils.

The CJC™ OCM is suited to measure in oils with large amounts of air-bubbles.

The water sensor measures relative humidity (%RH) in oil. The CJC™ OCM monitors upstream the filter i.e. on the dirty side.


The CJC™ OCM is mounted on the filter base of a CJC™ Fine Filter. Due to this, the flow will be stable over a large viscosity range, enabling the sensor to yield accurate readings, regardless of the oil conditions.


The CJC™ OCM 15 is delivered with RS 485 Modbus RTU communication. As option, the CJC™ OCM 15 can be delivered with Datalogger, which is easy to install in the junction box and gives easy access to data.


Alternative options for communication through CJC™

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  • USBi for PC


The CJC™ OCM should be serviced every year by returning the OCM 15 to C.C.JENSEN A/S (further info, please see page 2).

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